Headshot of Loan Officer Joe Logan
About Joseph R. Logan

Joe Logan knows the business inside out - literally. Starting his career at 19, he quickly ascended and at the age of 20 was already an underwriter. That time as an underwriter gave him the ability to see how deals will get to the finish line while still taking the application. This leads to more accurate approvals, and more ways to say ‘yes’ to your loan.

This competitive difference started to make such a name that a local local news agency picked up the story. Below is a short excerpt from the interview, click the button below to read more!

And the long hours, hard work and dedication shows in the help he gives to the clients he serves.

“When people are going through the most stressful, largest purchase of their lives, they can trust that I am going to do everything possible to get it done and not make them hate the process,” Logan explained.

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