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Core Values

We are a lender with morals. We have cutting edge technology, top industry experts, and phenomenal rates. We believe treating people as if they are a loan number is a good way to go out of business. 

We are tired of people lying on loan estimates to get a deal in the door, not letting borrowers know they are floating their lock as opposed to locking it when asked, not getting back to involved parties in a timely manner, and not being transparent when there is a problem on the loan. 

The industry is broken and we are working hard everyday to fix it.

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Logan Lending Experience

Here at Logan Lending, you are dealing with industry experts, not fly by night loan officers just here to collect a check. This is your life, not just another transaction. Whether you are buying your 100th investment property or your very first home, we are here to help!

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What Makes Us Different:

Other than making sure you get the property you have your sights on, the relationship is the single most important item in this transaction. We want it to be low stress, exciting, and even a learning experience for you. We’re not here to rip you off, we are here to give you unmatched service and transparency so you trust us when your friends, family, colleagues, etc. are ready to buy, you know where to point them.

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Loan Process

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